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Our History

Walnut Lake Animal Hospital has been at 2160 Walnut Lake Road, West Bloomfield, MI for over 3 decades.  The original owners were Dr. Donna Ankus and Dr. Gary Ray.  This husband/wife veterinary tandem built this small animal hospital from scratch and ran it until retirement 10 years ago.

At that time Dr. Kim took over to run the vet clinic under the name Five and Two Vet Clinic, until 2018 when it was purchased and renamed Walnut Lake Animal Hospital.

This practice has been owned and operated by Dr. Timothy Guild and Dr. Andy Rollo since the purchase in 2018.  The new owners invested into new technology to have a state of the art veterinary clinic for the Bloomfield Hills community. 

Digital Radiology

Advanced digital radiographs allows for quick and real time imaging of your dog or cat.  There is no development of digital radiographs as they are taken and seen on advanced computer screens within seconds.  This is beneficial for being more efficient internally and for your dog or cat who needs an answer.


Ultrasound is a noninvasive tool to look in the abdomen of dogs or cats.  An ultrasound evaluates the size, shape, and internal appearance of the organ systems in the abdomen.  This is an amazing tool when we can't find answers elsewear.

In House Labs

We have a hematology and chemistry machine for bloodwork.  In addition, we have a urine analyzer that looks analytically at everything that can be determined on a urine sample.  Having these in-house makes evaluation faster for those emergency situations or surgeries happening on the same day. 

Electronic Medical Records

Paper records are a thing of the past!  We have moved to a digital record that is easily accessed on phones, iPads, or computers no matter where you are.  This allows for up to date knowledge of your patients overall health. 

Digital Dental Radiology

When your dog or cat needs a tooth extracted, Walnut Lake Animal Hospital can do this for you!  But don't forget that the dental digital radiograph is immensely helpful for patients to ensure 100% extraction or other disease.
Dog and Cat Echocardiogram


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Wellness consults and prevention through vaccines like distemper, parvo and rabies are common practice at Walnut Lake Animal Hospital.
Broken leg, torn CCL (ACL for people), luxating patella, or other vet orthopedic injuries?  Our certified team can help with your pet's orthopedic surgery.
Our team ultrasounds to look in your pet's abdomen for answers to the veterinary questions in a pain-free and noninvasive way.
No matter the situation our team of veterinary professionals can handle your crisis.  Staying calm and using our training will assist in recovery of the urgent problem.
Digital Radiographs
Using up to date technology is key to helping have answers when problems happen.  New digital x-ray in veterinary medicine helps with clear and fast x-ray development. 
Using our safe protocol we can ensure we take every precaution to ensure that your dog or cat's dental cleaning is a success.
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